About Us

We’re about one simple thing; finding the right match.

Hosts want to be treated fairly and Kampgrounds want honest, dependable people that enjoy helping others. If the campground charges fees, do they pay the Host a Stipend? Does the Host receive expense allowances including mileage and propane? Does the Host kampsite have full hookups? What are the Hosts duties? Do they include cleaning bathrooms and kampgrounds?

Every potential Kampground and Host are pre-qualified to meet common sense standards. Kampgrounds must send in the contracts Hosts are to sign, pictures of the Host site, a full description of Host duties and their compensation, including utilities, expenses and any stipend that is offered. Every potential Host must fill out an application and be pre-interviewed. No Kampground or Host is listed at our site until these qualifications are met.

We want to be sure that the Host is treated fairly and that the Kampground has a Host that is an asset to them. Someone that not only does their pre-defined duties, but that visitors leave compliments about.  There is a simple premise in contracts that there must benefit both parties.  That is what we strive to acive here at the RVHobo Hosts Center.


Kampgrounds & Hosts

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