A chance to give back? Sure, but is it also the free campsite and utilities to help supplement your Social Security?

GETTING OLDER DOES NOT MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE VALUE , YOU HAVE REAL VALUE:  So before you jump at that parking spot, you should hear what we have to say. We think you deserve to be respected and treated fairly.

THERE ARE MANY MORE HOSTING POSITIONS THAN HOSTS!  Do you think the Federal Campgrounds are counting more on your willingness to volunteer, or the fact that you need the free parking spot and utilities? Checkout their contract, it will state the type of work and number of hours you must work, or out you go. That is not a Volunteer, that is an employee not being paid minimum wage. 

LETS START WITH THE FACTS: The U.S. Forest’s Tahoe District pays, in addition to a parking spot and utilities, $40 per day, yet at the Mohave National Preserve BLM, you get a parking spot, water, sewer and $100 expense allowance that won’t cover the gas to get to the distant town for groceries. So why the big discrepancy? Keep Reading.

IS IT A NATIONAL CAMPGROUND OR A BUSINESS?  . The Government is taking back more and more of what were once independent campground concessions, they are making millions of dollars, and doing it on free, or if your lucky, cheep labor, your labor, and for a parking spot, water and a sewer. Is that what you’re volunteering for?

EVERYONE ELSE GETS PAID BUT YOU; WHY?  Here’s just one example. Did you know that every year hundreds of Archeology students get hired for the season, actually getting paid to find a Coke Can half our age so they can shut down entire sections of our National Forests and Parks. Yet Hosts are asked to clean toilets and pickup the trash the students stepped over, And do all of this for a parking spot. Does this sound fair to you?

IT’S TIME TO GET THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE:  Sometimes you have to demand respect. You are not the lowest person in our National Campgrounds volunteering to clean the toilets so the paid employees don’t have to, you are a valued member of a team. If your Campground is a business or everyone else is getting paid, you should be too! It’s past time to be compensated like everyone else. 

THE LORD HELPS THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES:  These are words we were brought up with. You don’t want a handout, not even the $7.25 an hour minimum wage, just a little something that helps supplement our Social Security. We used to call it a fair days pay for a fair days work”. Don’t take that offer for a parking spot, you are worth more, much more. 

STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND SIGN UP TODAY!  We have one task, to see you are treated fairly and with respect. There is no cost to you whatsoever. Fill out an application. We will then call you for a phone interview, and if your the kind of person that’s wanted; honest, self reliant and hard working, we will help you with your application and do our best to hook you up with a compatible Campground to Host.


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