Just What Kind of Hosts do you want?

You get what you pay for. We have the very best Hosts in all North America. 

If you’re looking for dependable Hosts to greet your visitors and take pride in taking care of your Kampground, you will have to give them the type of arrangement you would want for your own parents. Be fair, if you’re charging for kampsites, you can offer a fair stipend, real expenses and a decent campsite for your Hosts.

Competition: Lets face it, things have gotten competitive between Kampgrounds when recruiting Hosts.  The norm is $40 per day in addition to full hookups and expenses reimbursement. With the publication on the web of what others are offering, you will have to decide just what kind of Hosts you want for your Kampground.  If you understand you get what you pay for, you have just found a great way to get pre-screened exceptional Hosts.

For Free Kampgrounds: If you don’t charge for your kampsites and don’t hire non-maintenance seasonal employees with the exception of Rangers, we understand that you are limited in what you can offer. For you, we try to match you up with quality Hosts who don’t depend on the stipends they receive. If however, you are operating as a for-profit business, and/or hiring students like Archaeologists, we will not only not accept any advertising from you to solicit Host, we will place you on our black-list.

You save money: Many of our Hosts come from the trades, many from small business and a new generation of younger Hosts, many in high-tech jobs, working out of their new RVs.  Our senior Hosts have the skills required to do many tasks far beyond bathroom care. Many of those that come from th trades are only too happy to help with repairs around the Kampground. Our high-tech Hosts can be a real asset to keeping up your website and social sites.  Our Hosts are the best investment you can make.

The Internet & Hosts: Do you really want a Host that isn’t a user of the Internet? Most of our senior Hosts have grandchildren and follow them on Social Media. Our young Hosts need the Internet to keep their day jobs.  But your Kampground is way out in the Boon Docks, away from any services. Don’t despair. You really need to check out the “Micki”, commissioned by the Amador District of the U.S. Eldorado Forest. These babies supply not only Internet, but off-grid power and water pumping and purification systems. More on The Micki

Part of your team: Our Hosts have earned the right to be respected and both you and they want to work together to make your Kampground a place visitors will want to return to time and time again. Appreciation of your Hosts goes a long way to reaching this goal. Our senior Hosts fix things when the see them, pickup trash when the see it and are always there with cheerful greetings and information for visitors. Our high-tech Hosts can save you 10s of  thousands of dollars in getting the word out. 

Common Sense: You want loyal, honest, skilled high quality Hosts to help you run your Kampground. People that you will respect. The Hosts want to know their respected and are being treated fairly.  I can sum up our Hosts from my observations while we stayed at the Imperial Dam LTVA. There are two things we almost never saw there, a piece of trash or a Ranger. The old school values were all it took. No one needed to be told what they should do, nor what needed to be done. That is a pretty good summary of the Hosts here at the RVHobo K & H Board.

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