Matching Kampgrounds & Hosts

We find the right matches between high-quality Kampgrounds that truly appreciate loyal, honest, hard working host, and will make them a part of their team!

Kampground Qualifications

Kampgrounds that think of hosts as low cost labor need not apply. Kampgrounds must send in a copy of the contract they will be signing with the Hosts. It’s common sense, If you don’t charge fees and don’t hire summer interns, we understand that all you may be able to offer is a campsite and utilities. But if you charge fees and hire interns but offer nothing to your hosts, you are not welcome here. You may want to take a look at our banned Kampgrounds page, because everyone will know. 

Qualified Kampgrounds

All it takes to become a qualified Kampground here is that you treat your Hosts fairly and as part of your team, not just the people that clean your toilets. If you are small without a budget, we will try and send you a host that is financially better off than those that can really use a stipend.  Know that each of our Hosts have been screened and have had a phone or personal interview. These are the very best of the best that you will be proud to call part of your team.

Host Qualifications

We know that most people that want to Host do have a sense that it’s their time to give back. We also know that most Host applicants will appreciate a few extra bucks to help at Christmas time. We know that it’s not a lot of money, but we and the Kampgrounds expect that you will do all of the duties within your contract and will do so cheerfully.  If you’re one of those few that are looking for a free kampsite, utilities and a monthly check for free, please move on, this is not available here.

Qualified Hosts

If you’ve been approved to list your application here, you have been interviewed, but in our way. We want to be sure we listened to what you wanted as well as qualify you for the various kampgrounds. We believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for you and the right kampground to work together to make their kampground the best it can be with your help. We also want to be sure that you receive what you expect and that you provide the services you agreed to perform

Kampgrounds & Hosts

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